Herbal surprise

"I want my dishes to taste and look as if they were grown that way on Mt. Rigi."
(Chef, Benedikt Voss)




Chef Benedikt Voss and his Sous-Chef Jannik Moser.
A unit with different perspectives

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The name of the restaurant - Regina Montium - is derived from the Latin name of the mountain Rigi "Queen of the Mountains". The Rigi is the starting point of our lived "terroir philosophy".


Our immediate surroundings are full of treasures and potentials, which we show in a new light. In addition to our endeavour to provide a unique experience of nature in the gourmet restaurant, we would like to show the diversity of our flora and fauna in all its facets.


The highest priority for our work is the respect for our food, the striving for high enjoyment and living hospitality.
Equally, we explore the cultivation of the mountain landscape and search for new edible plants that thrive here.

Let our cuisine surprise you and get to know the diversity of the herbal world anew.

In the complete Terroir Menu ( 9 - courses )

189 CHF

In the "short" Menu ( 5 - courses )

157 CHF

On Saturdays we serve only our 9 course menu.

Our mixed alcoholic beverage accompaniment  

 9 courses           95 CHF
 5 courses           59 CHF

our culinary philosophy of terroir

Human cultural history goes back several thousand years. In today's globalised world the perception of our own culture is becoming increasingly blurred. The constant availability of food from all over the world and from all climate zones makes it difficult to develop an awareness of the local flora and fauna. In addition, we seek delimitation in order to suppress the ever-increasing complexity of our everyday life. Regional cuisine has always used products that were either wild in the immediate surroundings or grew in our own climate through cultivation. Our approach is to meaningfully expand, represent and shape the range of Swiss food production.


Awarded by falstaff as Slow Food Organic Restaurant of the Year 2021

"A great "pure nature" experience at an altitude of 1550 m! Benedikt Voss is a chef at work here who puts a lot of thought into his work, who works at a very high technical level, but whose creations never come across as playful or ostentatious."
Guide Michelin 2021 - Award: 1 Michelin Star

"Regional cuisine at a high level. But uncomplicated. And with hundreds of herbs from their own garden."
GaultMillau 2021 - Award: 16 Gault Millau Points

"Inspired by this extraordinary natural beauty, the Vörös family has created a very special alpine gem here"
Guide Bleu 2021 - Award: 8 Points

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Kräuterhotel Edelweiss
Station Staffelhöhe
6356 Rigi Kaltbad
+41 41 399 88 00
Familie Egger Vörös