The Rigi or Queen of the Mountains?

From the book "Summit stories - how the Swiss mountains got their names" by Nathalie Henseler

The Rigi towers like a cone-shaped pulpit above the Central Plateau. It stands at the southern end of Lake Zug, at the gateway to the north-south axis - perhaps that's why they call it the "Queen of the Mountains"? And not only because of the magnificent view? On a clear day, you can see from Rigi-Kulm to the Matterhorn in the south and as far as the Black Forest in the north. The layers of nail rock, so-called rigines, which have been pushed on top of each other over millions of years, gave her her name, and yes - she is female!      read further (German) >>>


In former times, when people still believed in witches and dragons, many stories were told around the Rigi.
Here is a collection of the best-known and most beautiful Rigi legends: