Our philosophy

is the daily pursuit of true pleasure, with natural raw materials from our environment in harmony with people and nature.

No pleasure without appreciation!

True enjoyment is, in our opinion, a deep emotional sensation that can only arise in the context of holistic appreciation of the moment.
Without emotions, calmness, appreciation and gratitude there is no true enjoyment.

Thus, (true) enjoyment is also not possible if services or products have ethically unacceptable backgrounds. Such products can only be "enjoyed" under the condition that one either ignores these backgrounds, does not know them, suppresses them or values one's personal desires higher than "the ethnic principles of our culture".

Learning to enjoy also means learning to appreciate, to be grateful; it means to pause and enjoy.
Under these circumstances it is simply not possible that a foie gras, meat from factory farming, vegetables from Almaria etc. can produce true enjoyment!

Food is political!

In a world where a billion people suffer from hunger, where food is abused as a means of political pressure, where the earth and animal welfare have no value, food is always political. With the food we buy and consume, we always make a political statement, whether we like it or not. We decide for or against the exploitation of people, animals and our environment.

Earth is not dirt!

Without fertile earth there is no food for people. With deforestation, overuse, monocultures, heavy machinery and poison we destroy millions of cubic meters of wonderful earth every day. Eventually we will have nothing but dirt.

Herbal Hotel Edelweiss Philosophy

The goal of our work is to sharpen our senses for the enjoyment of the natural, for the perception of our environment and for the intensity of the encounter between people. Our medium for this is food. Food and drink as an expression of giving and taking, hospitality and a sense of community.

Upscale cuisine, as we celebrate it, is a means to an end for us, to inspire our guests and not to celebrate decadence!

We want to pass on the high pleasure to you by subtly working with natural foods from our close proximity.

As a fixation of our philosophy, we write down here our permanently evolving dogmas. They serve as a guideline for our passion and as a motive of understanding for our guests, friends and family.

Herbal Hotel Edelweiss dogmas:

We use exclusively Swiss products with the restriction that they are also grown in Switzerland. ( Contradictions to the legislation can be found here:

https://www.blw.admin.ch/blw/de/home/instrumente/swissness.html ) According to our terroir philosophy, we prefer to use products from our immediate surroundings, the corresponding climates, the found potentials with the local people.

Highest quality means for us excellent growing conditions in "real nature" without creating avoidable stress.

We apply old methods before new ones to formulate our final product.

We look for ancient production methods that can be traced in cultural history and use methods from all cultures.

We seek new approaches and ways of abstraction within methodology.

We illuminate "industrial aberrations" and ask about their effects. We deal intensively with our subject matter and deal with the effects of our own work.

We do not adapt knowledge without exploring it.

We pass on our acquired knowledge to third parties without restrictions.

We create a space for the discovery of "new" culture and leave room for process.

We are prudent, careful and open-minded in our dealings with each other and our guests.

If we have a problem or potential for conflict, we actively seek resolution.

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